InnoPolis mission is characterized by the continuous pursuit of actions related to inter-regional innovation taking into account the cultural dimension.

Therefore InnoPolis aims are:


To promote Research and Technological Development initiatives  and participate in studies on technological and social innovation with particular concern on their cultural impact.

To develop and disseminate innovative tools and methods in relation to different application areas with emphasis on sustainable development and cultural tourism

To promote participation of organizations dealing with cultural identity in innovation priority.

To contribute to the inter-cultural dialogue in Europe and at global level and promote adoption of innovative approaches towards establishment of a knowledge equitable society.

To develop and implement awareness raising, education and training initiatives on above priorities


Participate actively in International and EU Funded projects & Networks

Establish contacts and links with “sister” organizations, authorities and volunteers

Establish an inventory with information and data on innovation policies

Regional & interregional space

Focus Adriatic Ionian, Broader Mediterranean area, SEE Spatial area, Black Sea, Other EU Spatial areas

Europe +